Our Story

Forged in Canada for Australia. In 2016, On Your Behalf (OYB), was founded in a New Venture Creation class in Ottawa, Canada. The class required students to take an idea from inception to implementation as part of their in-semester assessment. Disturbed by the high homelessness rate of Downtown Ottawa, we decided to create a socially conscious product that would promote tangible outcomes for all involved. This need for tangibility became apparent through on-campus surveys where students indicated they would be more inclined to donate if they could visualise their impact. 
To combat these reservations, OYB is based on a Buy One, Give One concept in which a donor will purchase an item of clothing and in turn, a unique, tangible donation will be gifted On Your Behalf to our partner charity. These have included matching clothing items, meals and providing support to essential Australian services (e.g. Beyond Blue). Additionally, each release will provide a one-off design that will act to distinguish that particular campaign. 
At On Your Behalf, we are striving to create a concept that integrates the everyday act of purchasing with the act of doing good through donations. We aim to make this way of life a mainstream norm of our society. This is not only achieved by producing quality products but delivering measurable outcomes to both our recipients and customers.