An Idea

On Your Behalf was born in a New Venture Creation class whilst on a study exchange in Ottawa, Canada. The class was assessed by taking a concept from ideation to implementation by semesters end. Despite our appreciation for the city, we could not ignore the disturbing levels of homelessness in its downtown area, and the ensuing lack of local support being offered to these individuals.

There was a clear need for more to be done, and we had the means to do so.  Additionally, after completing extensive on-campus surveys it became clear that most people were hesitant to donate when a tangible outcome could not be measured, or a lack of transparency was observed from a donation's impact.

And so, we coupled our desire to do more with our love of streetwear to establish On Your Behalf. A streetwear brand based on a Buy One, Give One concept that allows donors to directly measure the impact of their donations through tangible outcomes to recipients.

Upon completion of the project, 21 uniquely designed t-shirts (as seen above) were sold and donated to the Ottawa Mission, the homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa.