First Release

Upon returning from our exchange in Canada, and the outpour of positive feedback we had received from our recipients, donors, and peers, we decided that On Your Behalf had a life beyond just a class project.

Additionally, similar gaps in equality could be observed in our very own home city of Melbourne, Australia. This observation, along with the positive response to the OYB initiative encouraged us to introduce our Buy One, Give One platform for positive change back home.  

This resulted in the launch of our first Melbourne based campaign, where for every t-shirt purchased, a corresponding t-shirt donation was made to Berry Street Victoria. Berry Street is Victoria's largest independent family and child services organisation focusing on assisting children, young people and families recover from the devastating effects of family violence, abuse and neglect. 

The campaign led to the donation of 40 t-shirts to the children, young people and families of Berry Street Victoria to further support their goal of ensuring every child has a good childhood.